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ACEX- Assessoria de Comércio Exterior Ltda, started its business in 1977, its head office is in Joinville-Santa Catarina, and had as its objective meeting the needs of industries that were seeking to expand their businesses by international trade. By exporting part of their production, these industries could import the equivalent in machines and equipments to modernization their installations.

Taking advantage of this growing demand, the company conquered its space, becoming, not only a pioneer, but also a reference of professionalism in the meeting of the legal and administrative demands that make up the process of foreign trade transactions.

Today, ACEX is proud of its trajectory, what originated from the excellent relationships with the customs inspections and the whole business community that makes up part of international logistics.

Our activities are related to the providing of services, where we have a partnership commitment, possessing specialized personnel, having wide experience in the business, and own know-how, acting together with marine and airline agencies and the principle organs that are involved with Overseas Trade.

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